Design Setup

Design Setup

You have placed your order. What next?

Design Setup

Applies to: 

All customers who have made a new purchase of a Mobilo Custom Card, Enterprise Card, Wood Card, or Metal Card and have not submitted their card designs. (Does not apply to Mobilo branded card)

Video Walkthrough:

Want to see the process from start to finish? Check out this video

Designing your Mobilo card:

Step 1 - Log into Design Portal

Please log into 

Click “Activate” on the bottom left corner under “Add New Employees”

Step 2 - Card Selection and quantity

Select the Card Type, Card Variation and the number of cards you are activating. 

Step 3 - Card Design

You can choose from a template format provided or upload an example of a design you would like.  Upload the image/artwork you would like to add to the front and back of your card. Lastly, add any additional information you would like the design team to know about your card, expectations and preferences. 

Step 4 - Contact Information

Make a selection for uploading your contact information. You can manually enter, upload via excel file or choose to keep unassigned. 

If you choose to upload employee information please understand that there is a DIRECT relationship between the number employee rows to the number of distinct cards to be printed. This includes:

- The DIFFERENT artwork per card with with distinct contact information to be printed (ie: name, email, phone, etc.). Please be sure to indicate in the instructions box which artwork belongs to which card holder.

- The SAME artwork with distinct contact information to be printed (ie: name, email, phone, etc.). 

You can add more rows to match the amount of prints by clicking on the "Add Employee" button, shown below:

If you wish to have distinct contact information to be printed and want to gift these cards as unassigned you will need to contact support for assistance by emailing us at

Step 5 - Shipping Information

The address you saved when placing your order will pre-populate. Select the address and click “Next”. 

Step 6 - Status

After you have completed steps 1-5, you will be directed to the page to track the status of your order. You will see your card currently in “Design In Progress”. Once your design has been created, you will receive an email notifying you to review your design proof for approval. 

You can check back to this page to check the status of your order anytime.