Getting Started

Getting Started

Log into your Mobilo portal:

Your username will be the email address provided during your card configuration.

Complete your Profile Information:

Select “Profile Settings” and complete any information you would like to share. Don’t forget to add any social media information within the “Socials” tab of your profile settings.

Profile Settings - Photo/logo:

-The photo will be the image sent along with your contact information when using the Business Card and Social Profile card modes.
-The logo will be displayed when using Lead Generation mode.
-The photo for your logo within your Mobilo portal is 300x300 pixels (square shape).

Mobilo Card Modes:

Your Mobilo card is enabled with 4 different modes of usage. Every mode has an individual action assigned to it. You can only choose one mode per card tap.
The articles below will assist you with changing card modes and what each card mode can be used for.
- How to Switch Card Modes:
- Business Card Mode:
- Social Profile Mode:
- Lead Generation Mode:
- Link URL Mode:

Using Your Card:

Get to know your Mobilo card and how to use it successfully! This article shows you best practices and FAQ’s:

Mobilo App: