How to use Lead Generation Mode

How to use Lead Generation Mode

Your Mobilo card is enabled with 4 different modes of usage. Every mode has an individual action assigned to it. You can only choose one mode per card tap.

When you use your Mobilo card in the Lead Generation mode, your card tap will share a form which the lead can fill their details in. Once the form is filled, your lead will receive your business card via SMS and vice versa.

Editing your lead generation preferences:

You can edit your lead form settings from the lead generation settings page. You can also edit your Virtual Card preferences from the same page. You can choose if you want to send and/or receive the virtual card after the form completion. You can tick the respective boxes to select your preference.

On the same page you can further export your leads in the form of an Excel sheet by clicking on the ‘Export Leads’ button. You can get a preview of your form by clicking on ‘Open Lead Form’.

Lead Generation Mode Analytics

All the leads collected from your forms can be accessed from the ‘Leads’ page of your account by clicking on the Lead icon from the panel. You can also contact the leads by clicking on the ‘contact lead’ button. All the data from your forms can be exported ready for your CRM integration. 

If you’re an enterprise customer, you will be able to automate your leads into your CRM with the help of a Zapier integration. In addition to this, you are also provided with an advanced analytical dashboard.

When to use the lead generation mode:

You can use this mode when you’re expected to be in a high volume interaction like a networking event, trade show or an open house.