How to use Link to a URL mode

How to use Link to a URL mode

Your Mobilo card is enabled with 4 different modes of usage. Every mode has an individual action assigned to it. You can only choose one mode per card tap.

When you use your mobilo card in this mode, your card taps will lead to a website of your choice.

Editing your URL link:

You can access the Link to URL mode from the Business Card page. Once you’re there, you can choose to change your mode to Link to a URL. On doing so, you will receive a pop up screen asking you to enter the website you want to direct your taps to. You can click on ‘save’ after entering the URL.

Link to a URL analytics:

You will get an aggregate number of times your link tapping mode was in use from the Statistics page of your account. With the help of the link tracking feature, you can get live data of all the card tap and link statistics of links in your url. Link stats denotes the number of times the link in your profile has been clicked on. 

You can turn on/off your link tracking with the help of the toggle button in the Menu Settings

When to use the Link to a URL mode:

You can use the URL mode when you’re trying to pitch an idea about your business, new project or a proposal. You can also use this mode when you’re on a video call, by sharing some documents you want immediate review or feedback on. 

You can use this mode to promote any new ideas and real time discussion on a particular topic.