How to use Social Profile Mode

How to use Social Profile Mode

What is Social Profile Mode and how do I use it?

What is Social Profile Mode and how do I use it?

Applies To:

Customers who would like to utilize the different benefits of the Social Profile mode.

Mobilo currently enables you to update your socials with 19 different social media links including payment, communication and application store profiles.

Video Walkthrough:

Want to see how easy it is to switch between the different card modes? Check out this video

Solution Overview:

You can switch between 4 Business Card modes with your Mobilo Card. These 4 modes have different actions assigned to them. Follow these steps once you login to your Mobilo Account on your Mobile app or website

Editing your Social Profile Info:

If you wish to edit your social profile, you can do so by editing info from your profile settings page. Choose the ‘socials’ tab on your profile to add/edit your social media links.

Social Profile Mode Analytics

With the help of the Link Tracking feature you can analyze the number of times your social media links were accessed.

You can turn on/off your link tracking with the help of the toggle button in the Menu Settings

When to use the Social Profile mode:

If you’re a freelancer, this mode can be your default use. You can not only showcase your portfolio or work on social media, but can also share your payment details(paypal, venmo) and app links(App store, Playstore).

You can use this mode when you’re trying to bring awareness to your digital activities and campaigns.